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Stories from construction inspections A case study of the challenges in the inspection process at a major construction company in Sweden

Göteborg : Chalmers tekniska högskola, 2018. 74 s.
[Examensarbete på avancerad nivå]

This report, focusing on the Gothenburg region, maps the inspections process in a large construction company. Through an inductive and qualitative study, the employee's perspective and opinions on the process is described, as well as their views on where the issues in the process lies and why they arise. The report identifies the various success factors for the inspections process and offers suggestions of process improvements based on observed best practices and theoretical analyses. Inspections in the case company are not a well-documented process, but nonetheless, the employees are familiar with it though learning by doing. It is however not only the inspection process in the case company that is poorly documented. In general, it is difficult to find documentation about how an inspection process is conducted practically, why this report offers a detailed description of how the inspection process is performed. The inspection process is common practice in all construction companies in Sweden, and can be derived from the standard contracts used in the industry, AB 04 and ABT 06. The inspections serve as a quality control by which both the client and the contractor can get an objective judgement, by an inspector, on whether or not the contract between the has been fulfilled. This report can conclude that even though the inspectors are supposed to be objective, this is hard in practice, why the inspections become a situation of give and take. From the empirical study, we could conclude that even though there are many things working well in the inspection process in the studied company, we could identify twenty challenges. These twenty challenges can be categorized under five symptoms: time, quality, motivation, trust and communication. By analyzing the challenges and symptoms from a theoretical perspective this report brings best practice and theory together and presents actions that the case company can implement to improve the inspection process.

Nyckelord: Construction inspection, project management, stakeholder management, stakeholder salience, project success, success factors

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