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Linda Karnerfors
Göteborg : Chalmers tekniska högskola, 2018. 81 s.
[Examensarbete på avancerad nivå]

Purpose: This study investigates the client’s experiences in using management consultancy services within a public context. The study aims to contribute further into bridge the sociological perspectives into a more systematically organised dialogue by applying a theoretical lens of a combination of organisational theoretical perspectives. Overall purposes are to provide a holistic academic foundation to further drive research on management consultancy interventions within a public organisational setting. Four research questions are developed. Method: In order to build a better understanding of the experience concerning public organisations use of MCSs, a qualitative study design was chosen adapting a case study methodology. The study allows an abductive research approach which allows moving from theory to empirical observations back and forth. The data collection and research analysis follow a light grounded theory approach. Result: The result constitutes of 7 concept and 13 categories which is used to provide answers to the research questions. Conclusion: Objectives behind acquiring MCSs were related to (j) a need for acquiring an external perspective, (jj) gaining knowledge of new development and (jjj) need for support in organisational development. MCs, are both considered a tool in providing salvation on organisational matters and as an independent management advisor before or during a specific decision. Why MCs were contacted and no other professionals, where often because, MCs work from a broad basis of knowledge and with use of a “toolbox” with methodologies and concepts to angle and being outsider to the organisation. It is the capability as an outsider to analyse and support management to drive changes or support in organisational development projects. This ability has become a signature trait for the MCs profession and it is this ability which MCs compete in the market of other professionals. The selection of MCs is posed as a risk as the client is unsure one will get a good MC besides the formal qualification. To reduce uncertainty when picking the right MCs. Client aim to create a sense of the candidate personal characteristics and ensure successful prior experiences which is most ominous in regard to hiring MCs. Evaluation on MCSs are an overall challenge task and associated with a lot of uncertainties. To pin point direct effects is especially hard, it becomes more an evaluation on the collaboration between client-consultant and the insight the collaboration has yielded.

Nyckelord: Management consultancy, Management consultants service, Public Organisation

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