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Process and practice of knowledge management at a large technical consultant company

Göteborg : Chalmers tekniska högskola, 2018. 58 s.
[Examensarbete på avancerad nivå]

In the current era of technological and business disruption, it is important for an organization to be innovative more than ever. That being said, there is no simple formula to become innovative and the ability to become innovative depends on the individual knowledge of an employee and collective knowledge of an organization. Therefore, managing knowledge becomes an important step in order to become innovative and survive in the competition. It even becomes more crucial for a technical consultant company to manage knowledge more strategically, as knowledge is the “main resource” for such knowledge intensive firms. Accordingly, the purpose of this thesis is to investigate Knowledge Management (KM) in a technical consultant company. This study comprehends the process and practice of KM, barriers of KM and approaches to overcome the barriers of KM in a large technical consultant company. A case study of a large technical consultant company is conducted in order to fulfill the purpose of the study. Literature studies were conducted in order to gain knowledge on the research subject and to provide potential solutions for the research questions. Data was gathered by conducting pre-study, semi-structured interviews and participant observations. The research questions were answered by compiling, coding and analyzing the collected data against the theoretical framework. The results of the study indicate that personalization strategy is the most effective way of sharing knowledge in a technical consultant company. The process of managing knowledge in a large technical consultant company is very complex due to certain unique structural, cultural and behavioral issues; lack of shared identity, geographical co-location of the on-site consultants, legal restriction to share clients’ knowledge are the barriers, which are found to be unique for a technical consultant company. However, there are certain actions which could facilitate the company to overcome most of the barriers and therefore, it is recommended to implement these actions for effective knowledge sharing across the organization.

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