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Konstruktion av T-fog för vertikalaxlat vindkraftverk

Construction of a T-joint for a vertical axis wind turbine

Anders Götvall ; Jacob Hällgren
Göteborg : Chalmers tekniska högskola, 2018. 70 s.
[Examensarbete på grundnivå]

Horizontal axis wind turbines is a common source for renewable energy in todays society. SeaTwirl AB want to make this type of renewable energy more available by designing a vertical axis wind turbine. The idea is to make it less expensive to manufacture and easier to install offshore. In this vertical axis wind turbine there is a T-joint whose purpose is to join the strut, coming from the rotation axis of the turbine, to the turbine blade. SeaTwirl AB is therefore seeking a solution to how this T-joint should be designed. This bachelors thesis examines existing solutions and theories within the wind power industry from which possible ways to design this T-joint, according to the demands set upon it, is generated. A big challenge lies in minimizing the weight of the concepts to increase the efficiency of the whole wind turbine. By using conventional product development tools a number of concepts are made. Only the most qualified concepts are chosen to be further developed after that. These concepts are constructed in detail and are verified through basic calculations made by hand. Heavy estimates and simplifications were made at this stage to make the calculations more manageable in the time available. In the final stage one concept is the winner and that concept is delivered to SeaTwirl AB as a recommendation for further development. In the conclusion it is stated that the winning concept is some ways down the road but that there are obvious flaws in the verification process. Therefore it is recommended to do FEMcalculations, more thorough calculations and more precise choices of materials in further development.

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