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How Organisational Learning is created in an aid project: A case study of the Healthy Hospital Project in Kolandoto, Tanzania

Maria Engver ; Emma Öhman
Göteborg : Chalmers tekniska högskola, 2017. 98 s.
[Examensarbete på avancerad nivå]

Projects in an aid context are often lined with complications and misunderstandings, which are commonly blamed on cultural differences. In this thesis, we chose to develop on other aspects that can have an impact on aid projects and their success. These aspects include organisational structures, namely hierarchical and flat organisations, and the impact that they can have on organisational learning. This thesis is based on a nine week long case study within the Healthy Hospital project. The project has for the last three years been focused on improving the standards and facilities of Kolandoto Hospital in Tanzania, by technical and architectural solutions. As part of the selected Participatory Action Research-methodology, we were involved in a procurement process as well as conducting evaluations through interviews. The interviews were focused on the project and learning outcomes of installations and subprojects, done within the Healthy Hospital project. Three parties were identified within the Healthy Hospital project; The hospital, the project group and the master thesis students. Out of these three, the organisational structure was investigated for the hospital and the project group. In the end, learning outcomes and processes were analysed as well as the impact on these from the different organisational structures. Consequences on organisational learning could often be linked to either the hierarchical structure of the hospital or the nonhierarchical structure of the project group. To conclude the thesis, recommendations for the project group were provided to enable further organisational learning within the Healthy Hospital project. The main recommendation for the project group is to further formalize the communication with the students as well as creating safe spaces for the hospital to enable feedback.

Nyckelord: Organisational Learning, Organisational Structure, Aid projects, Case Study, Tanzania, Participatory Action Research

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