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Analysis and Design of Multioutput Flyback Converter - A study For A Lab Upgrade on the Flyback converter assignment at Chalmers Elteknik

Abdi Ahmed ; Abdullahi Kosar
Göteborg : Chalmers tekniska högskola, 2016. 68 s.
[Examensarbete på avancerad nivå]

This thesis work is done in order to improve the existing lab in Chalmers for the study of Power Electronics. Assignments for the practical lab and computer simulation sessions of a yback converter have been reviewed and analysed. The analyses of the existing assignments shows that the circuit board used in the lab today is a multi purpose circuit and it is difficult to relate a equivalent circuit diagram of a yback converter. Furthermore, there is no relationship between the circuit and the simulation model. A simulation was done using PSpice and a prototype PCB board built with the aim of showing some of these interesting concepts in the course. The main suggestions are related to the simplification of the circuits so that immediate correlation can be made between the circuits being shown in the class and the PCB used in the lab. The simulation model can be used in the simulation session of the course. The new simulation model and the circuit board can demonstrate the role of the inductor in the yback transformer by varying its value. Another area of improvement would be on demonstrating of magnetics theory. There is no simulation or practical assignments about magnetics in the course today. Understanding the relation between the current ripple and magnetic ux is in the scope of the courses. It is also important to understand how high frequency affects the losses and the size of the core. Two transformers are designed in order to investigate these relationships. The result of the transformer design shows that a new assignment that can demonstrate how magnetic core behaves can be introduced.

Nyckelord: Flyback, Multi-output, DCM,CCM, LM5020,Switch mode power supply

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