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Åtgärder för att sänka valsbytestiden vid Holmen Paper Braviken

Actions for a decreased roll exchange time at Holmen Paper Braviken

Filip Lundqvist
Göteborg : Chalmers tekniska högskola, 2017. 76 s.
[Examensarbete på grundnivå]

E2017:100, Holmen Paper is a company in the forest industry group Holmen which specializes in the areas forest and energy. At Holmen Paper Braviken, where the project has taken place, magazine paper, book paper, catalog paper and newspaper is being produced. The product development often occurs in discussion with customers and the increased demand for super calendered paper has led to Holmen recently invest- ing in a new calender for one of their paper machines. In the new calender, there has been a problem with the changing of the rolls being too long which leads to a longer stop time. Therefore, the aim of this project is to bring forth suggestions of measures for how Holmen should work to reduce their time for changing the rolls. These measures should be quantifiable in time and money. The course of action for the project has been two case studies. The first were time studies of the change of rolls which were later analyzed based on the SMED-method. The second case study were interviews where all the staff with some sort of relation to the change of rolls were interviewed. The two case studies along with a present state description then resulted in a present state analysis where the results were presented. The results, based on the present state analysis, show that the problems that exist are closely related to the organizational work. Since several different units are in- volved, one has not been able to come up with a structured way of working with improvements. There are also several factors that collide between different work and that there are people with key competences which counteracts a stable system. To create a stable system, a standardized work has been developed for rotation of the work and to decrease the need for key competences. In the work method, there is also a step which is now being performed during the change of roll but which could just as easily be prepared in advance. It is recommended that this step is prepared in advance because it would decrease the time for the change of rolls.

Nyckelord: SMED, improvement, time studies, paper industry, organization, work method, standardized work.

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