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Unika projekt men upprepade processer -­ En kartläggning av PreOpenings projektledningsprocess

Sandra Melander ; Alina Nilander
Göteborg : Chalmers tekniska högskola, 2017. 54 s.
[Examensarbete på grundnivå]

The report is written at PreOpening, a Swedish consulting company that operates in the hotel, restaurant and meeting industry. The report aims to show how to do a process mapping for project management within the construction industry. Furthermore, the study will investigate how process maps for this area can be developed visually. The root of the problem is that projects are an increasingly common method of work. Due to the complexity of the projects, more and more companies choose to map their processes to facilitate and streamline their employees' work, so that everyone knows how the work processes look. However, many individual companies are worried that the customer's tailor- made desire and therefore the unique character of the project can not be met if a mapping is made that creates a fixed framework for how a project is to be run. It is clear from the conclusion that an initiation, planning, execution, review and ending phase are required. The report shows that review and part of the planning phase (referred to as project administration) should be ongoing processes along the planning and execution phase of a project. Furthermore, the report shows a complete visual degradation of a process map for project management in the construction industry. The conclusion is based on the theories that exist for major processes in construction management and are designed according to the facts of the company that has been studied. The study is based on a qualitative method with case studies as a basis. The authors have used an abductive approach which means they moved between theory and empirics to find an understanding of their problem. The data collection methods used in this report include observations, documentary studies and interviews.

Nyckelord: construction management, process mapping, project management, flowchart, projects, strategic planning and processes.

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