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Mobile App for Monthly Stock Savings

Katarina Bergbom ; Armand Ghaffarpour ; Miki Swahn ; Michelle Tran Luu ; Erik Öhrn ; Niclas Krause
Göteborg : Chalmers tekniska högskola, 2017. 132 s.
[Examensarbete för kandidatexamen]

This bachelor thesis documents the procedure of evaluating methods for usability and software development. To achieve this, the goal is to develop an app for Sigmastocks AB. Sigmastocks provides a service for choosing stocks that mathematically appear profitable, and has registered a demand for a mobile app in addition to their website. Since the application is strongly connected to Sigmastocks brand, a highquality usability is one of the main focal points in this project. As a basis for this, a user requirement study was performed to identify possible desired functionality of the app. The project also implements and evaluates the three usability methods: personas, cognitive walkthrough, and heuristic evaluation. The latter two methods are successfully used and concluded to be complementing each other very well. Heuristic evaluation provides a measurement on how well design rules have been implemented, and cognitive walkthrough provides information on what issues the design rules do not cover. The significance of design rules is a key evaluation of this project and concluded that they provide a secure foundation for usability. Personas are hardly incorporated in the development and thus cannot be properly evaluated. The bachelor thesis further evaluates agile development and the software development framework Scrum in relation to a usability project. It was concluded to be a successful method. Usability requires user testing and usability assessments, for which the agile process can adapt to immediately.

Nyckelord: mobile app, stock savings, usability, user experience, cross-platform

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