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Decreasing Cognitive Load in a Coupon and Discount Aggregation App

Henrik Andersson ; BJÖRN WINNERGÅRD
Göteborg : Chalmers tekniska högskola, 2017. 145 s.
[Examensarbete på avancerad nivå]

The aim of this master thesis is to investigate how Matpriskollen, an information-rich productivity app concerned with price comparison and discount aggregation, can be designed in order to keep cognitive load low, yet ensuring usability. To answer this question, a Goal- Directed Design process was undertaken. The process encompassed user research, evaluation of the current Matpriskollen app as well as formative and summative evaluation of design concepts. A einal design is presented, which instantiates 24 design patterns. The evaluation of this design indicates that the use of these patterns can lower the cognitive load attributed to using the app, but further evaluation and research need to be carried out to conclude with certainty how and to what extent these patterns can lower cognitive load.

Nyckelord: Interaction Design, App Design, Cognitive Load Theory, Design Patterns, Goal-Directed Design.

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