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Bränslecell jämfört med dieselgenerator - En Fallstudie; ersättning av dieselgenerator på fartyg

Fuel cell versus dieselgenerator - Case study; replacement of a diesel generator on ships

Christian Swenson ; Hampus Alfredsson
Göteborg : Chalmers tekniska högskola, 2017. 45 s.
[Examensarbete på grundnivå]

Traditional fuels in the shipping industry are about to be phased out as both international and national regulations become more stringent. By the end of 2015, new rules were applied to vessels operating the Baltic Sea. These rules included that the sulphur content of fuel, used for propulsion and electricity production, was not allowed to exceed more than 0.1% sulphur. This resulted in that many vessels changed to a more fluid fuel that did not contain as much sulphur. The changeover gave lower sulphur emissions but higher costs in $ / kWh. In this case study, focus is placed on the fuel cell as an alternative auxiliary power generator aboard ships. The fuel cell, from Powercell Sweden AB, is compared in both efficiency and fuel consumption against a diesel generator on the vessel Stena Jutlandica. The diesel generator is powered by low-sulphur ECA oil and the fuel cell is powered by hydrogen. This study includes a comparison in cost, size, weight and suitability. The major objective of the report is to show the reader another alternative to production of electricity and to provide knowledge of the fuel cell and its potential. The study shows that the fuel cell is both more environmentally friendly, has a better efficiency and specific fuel consumption, a lower weight and the cost of maintenance and purchasing is lower than the diesel generator. Though the hydrogen price is very high, the fuel cell becomes more expensive in operating costs.

Nyckelord: Powercell Sweden AB, Bränslecell, SFC, verkningsgrad, Vätgas, PEM, Dieselgenerator, Jämförelse, Förnyelsebar energikälla, Fartyg

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