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Möjliga åtgärder för reducering av liggetider i Skarvikshamnen. - Med fokus på dokumenthantering

Possible actions to reduce laytime in Skarvikshamnen - With focus on document handling

Andreas Blomén Maschinsky ; Max Westman
Göteborg : Chalmers tekniska högskola, 2017. 41 s.
[Examensarbete på grundnivå]

The background to the issue comes from the big change and efficiency measures that shipping, like many other industries have undergone during the last decades. The purpose of the study is to examine a factor that contributes to longer laytimes than necessary for vessels in Skarvikshamnen, Gothenburg. The purpose of the study is to first find a factor and then examine if this factor can be affected to make it more efficient. The questions examined in the study were: • Which factor is the least efficient considering vessels lay time today? • How can this factor be more efficient? • How will this affect the safety? It was discovered that there was one main factor that contributes with unnecessary laytime. Documental handling after finished cargo operation is time consuming. It was also discovered that there were two solutions to reduce laytime. The discovered methods were already used to some extent, but not fully. One of the methods was to use Early Departure Procedure (EDP). EDP is a procedure were the agent signs all the cargo documents with a Letter of Authorization. The other method was electronic documents. While using electronic documents all the documents and signatures is done digital instead of on paper. The method used in this study was mainly interviews with combination of theoretical research on the subject. In the exploratory study that was done first, only interviews were used. In the case study a combination of both methods were used. The result of the study partly opens up the possibility for the use of this methods separately but also for further research in the subject with a possible combination of the two solutions.

Nyckelord: Säkerhet, Early Departure Procedure, elektroniska dokument, hamneffektivitet, Skarvikshamnen, Göteborgs Hamn

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