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Investigation of a modernized battery charging and charge distribution system in boats

Jacob Edvinsson
Göteborg : Chalmers tekniska högskola, 2006.
[Examensarbete på avancerad nivå]

The thesis describes most of the components in an electrical power system in a boat and the problems with the current solutions are adressed. An electrical power system, which includes a couple rather new components from the automotive area, is proposed. Some of the advantages with the proposed system are minimised losses, optimised charging of the batteries, safety for components, protection to keep batteries charged, monitoring of battery information. A cost comparison has been made between the proposed system and the current solutions provided by Volvo Penta. The proposed system has also been compared to similar solutions at the market today. The proposed system would probably have a higher price than the current solutions provided by Volvo Penta, but the proposed system result in many advantages. The selling price of the similar solutions to the proposed system is 14 times higher than the purchase price of the proposed system. This is not the only reason for Volvo Penta to provide the proposed system. A shorter assembly time for the buyer and the possibility to sell more engines because of a good electrical power system are other reasons. A number of extensions of the system that may be of interest to Volvo Penta are discussed in the thesis. In addition interviews of two boat builders are presented to get their thoughts of the system. If a decision is taken to follow up this feasibility studie a couple of measures have to be taken before the proposed system can be provided by Volvo Penta. A prototype should be built to evaluate the system. A market research should be performed to evaluate the possibilities of the system.

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