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Lämplig distributionsstruktur för ett mindre handelsföretag

Suitable distribution structure for a smaller trading company

Jonas Areskog ; Daniel Stamenkovic
Göteborg : Chalmers tekniska högskola, 2016. 42 s.
[Examensarbete för kandidatexamen]

To have a satisfactory distribution structure today is vital for companies in the industry of trade to remain competitive and achieve financial success. Especially in the fashion industry there are very high demands on the company's distribution- and marketing strategies to achieve financial success. The market for fashion and clothing products is extremely competitive and is dominated by large multinational actors. Globalization and outsourcing of production amongst other processes is further increasing the demands on the company's distribution technology. The report examines a small trading company active in the fashion industry that develops, imports, distributes and sells underwear made with organic cotton. In the current situation the company is in its early stages with relatively small sales volumes, but future plans include expansion both at domestic and international markets. The survey aims to give the company a deeper understanding of its current distribution strategy, as well as providing recommendations on distribution- and marketing strategies for both the present and the future. The analysis is based on relevant theories within the fields of logistics and marketing that are taken from several scientific literary works and articles, as well as empirical information gathered from a conducted interview with the Chief Executive officer (CEO), also responsible for the company’s daily operations. The methodology for the analysis and the recommendations made are based on a triangulation of the theoretical and empirical information gathering.

Nyckelord: Logistik, distribution, distributör, grossist, marknadsföring, försörjningskedja, lager

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