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Port of Gothenburg Logistics Parks möjliga påverkan på godsflödet av skogsprodukter via Göteborgs Hamn - SWOT-Analys: Etablerandet av faciliteter ämnade för skogsindustrin i anslutning till logistikparken

Port of Gothenburg Logistics Park's possible impact on the goods flow of forest products through the Port of Gothenburg - SWOT-Analysis: The establishment of facilities intended for the forest industry in connection to the logistics park

Daniel Lumley ; Rodrigo Astorga Castillo
Göteborg : Chalmers tekniska högskola, 2016. 64 s.
[Examensarbete för kandidatexamen]

This case study was completed during the spring of 2016 and focuses on logistical aspects regarding transportation of wood, pulp and paper, in addition to their flow out through the Port of Gothenburg. The aim is to study the aspects from an individual, as well as an interactive level, where the individual level focuses on the establishment of facilities for forest products in Gothenburg. Primarily, in combination with the creation of the Port of Gothenburg Logistics Park, but also as part of the Forestry Port. The interactive level focuses on the logistical aspects of the Gothenburg region, but also in relation to Swedish forest industry and transporters of forest products. More precisely, it highlights which transport routes are used to the Port of Gothenburg, also what means of transportation and cargo carriers are most commonly selected. One of the objectives of the study is to illuminate which elements are needed between the forest industry and the Port of Gothenburg, to create a more sustainable and efficient relationship between the various organizations within the freight hub. To gain greater insight into these projects, the case study conducted a qualitative analysis where data and information has been acquired through interviews and scientific material. The interviews were held with companies considered relevant to the topic and are connected to the flow of forest products through the Port of Gothenburg. The study utilized a SWOT-Analysis to examine the demand for establishing facilities intended for the forest industry, in connection with the Port of Gothenburg Logistics Park. Finally, the research questions were answered in relation to the collected raw data from both interviews and academic material.

Nyckelord: Port of Gothenburg Logistics Park, SWOT-Analys, Göteborgs Hamn, Hållbarhet, Järnväg, Skogsprodukter, Papper, Pappersmassa, Multimodalitet, SECU-box

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