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Distribuerad genererings påverkan på dimensionering och planering av lågspänningsnätet i Halmstad

Soran Tahir
Göteborg : Chalmers tekniska högskola, 2016. 55 s.
[Examensarbete på grundnivå]

A study about how micro production from photovoltaic cells affects a low voltage network was conducted at Halmstad Energi och Miljö Nät AB, where a fictive residential area working as a test network was built up in the programme dpPower with help of theory collection and the knowledge of planning and power engineers at Halmstad Energi och Miljö Nät AB. The fictive network was divided into two areas, each with its own secondary substation, one with 41 loads and the other with 171 loads in form of detached houses/ town houses, kindergarten / schools and blocks of flats. Studies on the fictive network were done when the loads had minimum power consumption and the power from the micro production of detached houses/ town houses varied in the ranges 8 kW, 20 kW, 32 kW, 43, 5 kW, whereas kindergarten/schools and blocks of flats had constant micro production. The result showed, as the share of micro production and the power of micro production was increasing the number of loads with overvoltage in the recommended level (5 % of the nominal phase voltage) and critical level (10 % of the nominal phase voltage) where increasing. The transformers’ rated power are exceeded when micro production power in each detached house/ town house was 8,5 kW in the larger area and 20 kW at the smaller area, in the case when every load had micro production connected.In planned residential areas with a high potential of micro production, the numbers of loads connected to the substation should be considered compared to areas without micro production. The number of loads connected to the substation compartment should be considered in order to prevent over voltages at the cable cabinets and at loads. The thesis is concluded with a recommendation on numbers of loads connected to the substation compartment at the different micro production levels.

Nyckelord: Micro production, cable cabinets, transformers rated power, overvoltages

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