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Undersökning av det elektriska systemet för tidvattenkraftverket Deep Green i spänningsintervallet 500V till 3,3kV

Simon Nilsson ; Petter Engström ; Andreas Ellström ; Rasmus Karlsson ; Andreas Rydegård ; Daniel Antonsson
Göteborg : Chalmers tekniska högskola, 2016. 50 s.
[Examensarbete för kandidatexamen]

With today’s need for renewable energy new technologies needs to be developed to meet this demand. Minestos concept for the tidal power plant Deep Green is one such technology. Deep Green is a power plant that with its unique movement pattern extracts energy from tidal currents that previously have been untapped. In this project the electrical system of Deep Green is studied and what the effects are for a rise in operating voltages from 500V to 690V , 1kV and 3, 3kV . The procedure for this project is a literature study in connection with simulations with the programs Matlab, Comsol and Pspice. The results show that an increased voltage to 690V will lead to the power loss being reduced by half in the submarine cable. The higher voltage leads to a fractional change of the power electronics in the system. The conclusion of this study is that a heightened voltage level that gives lower losses is favorable. To implement the voltages 1kV and 3, 3kV further investigations are required because several components needs to be replaced or modified at these voltage levels.

Nyckelord: Undervatten, Deep Green, tidvattenkraftverk, drake, Permanent Magnetiserad Synkron Maskin, PWM, Generator, Kraftelektronik, Undervattenskabel, rörelsemönster, förnyelsebar, energikälla

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