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Induktiv energiöverföring för laddning av batteri i ett mobilt arbetsbord

Kajsa Lensfors ; Martin Anderberg ; Albin Nilsson ; Johanna Trillkott ; Isak Hellgren ; Albin Bäckstrand
Göteborg : Chalmers tekniska högskola, 2016. 53 s.
[Examensarbete för kandidatexamen]

This bachelor thesis aims to construct a system for wireless charging of a battery by means of inductive energy transfer. At the request of the company ErgoMedical AB, a prototype has been constructed which is supposed to be mounted on a worktable to charge its battery with 300 W at 48 V. The prototype is supposed to ease the work of healthcare workers who use the worktable by removing the cable otherwise needed to charge the battery. The goal is to reduce the risk of battery depletion. The system consists mainly of a receiver coil, a transmitter coil, a compensation network and a rectifier. The radiuses of the coils were determined on the basis of simulations in COMSOL Multiphysics, where the receiver and transmitter coil radiuses were determined to 10 cm and 13 cm. The number of turns were set to 9 and 16 respectively, given the use of ferrite. The coils were constructed using litz wire and placed a distance of 5 cm apart in a respective frame of plastic. The compensation network was chosen using theory along with simulation in Pspice to a series-series compensation network, which showed satisfying results through tests in regards to the systems requirements. Finally, the project resulted in an operating prototype with an efficiency of 91.4% while mounted on the worktable. In addition, the system proved through simulations to be robust against misalignment. With a suitable control system, this prototype could very well be developed into a functioning product for future use in healthcare environments.

Nyckelord: Trådlös laddning, Induktiv energiöverföring, Cirkulära spolar, Malplacering, Läckfält, Serie-serie kompensationsnät

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