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The lifeboat - A study on how different practical operations is done with a lifeboat

The lifeboat - A study on how different practical operations is done with a lifeboat

Anja Divkovic ; Henrik Dahlrot
Göteborg : Chalmers tekniska högskola, 2015. 45 s.
[Examensarbete på grundnivå]

This study investigates how various practical operations is carried out in a lifeboat, to compare how it performed during an experiment, with what regulations frameworks. To check if there is a difference between how works is done and how work is imagined to be done. To investigate how different practical tasks is carried out in a lifeboat have an experiment been carried out, where a lifeboat was loaded to it’s maximum capacity, to analyse how this is carried out. The experiment tested practical operations as, if it is possible to embark lifeboat in less than three minutes? If it is possible to launch the boat in an effective way? If it is possible to make headway with the lifeboat only using the oars? Or if it's possible to put a sea anchor? And if it is possible to put on a survival suit in less than two minutes, without assistance. To analyse the experiment, the method HTA (Hierarchical Task Analysis) was used, the method is used to categorize and organize various tasks during the experiment. To make it possible to compare the practical tasks during the experiment whit the regulation framework. The theory chapter presents the relevant regulations concerning lifeboats, and what they prescribe for example embarkation, launching, oars, survival suits and training. The conclusion shows that in some cases it’s a gap between work as imagined and how work is done, during the experiment. The gap is shown clear when using the oars during the experiment, it is not possible to make headway only using oars.


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