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Stuvning och lastsäkring i lastbärare för sjötransport - En studie kring möjligheterna till kontroll ombord

Stowing and securing within cargo transport units for sea transport - A study on the possibilities of control on board vessels

Marcus Lundgren ; Paul Lundgren
Göteborg : Chalmers tekniska högskola, 2016. 40 s.
[Examensarbete på grundnivå]

Large quantities of cargo is transported in closed transport units (CTU), which requires that the cargo is properly stowed and secured to prevent damage to both persons and cargo. Apart from lashing the CTU according to the cargo securing manual it is also important that the cargo inside the unit withstands the different stresses that occurs during sea transport. The following issues were brought up in order to examine if officers on board has any possibility to check whether the cargo inside a unit is properly stowed and secured or not: Is it possible for officers on board to check the cargo within a CTU? How is the regulatory framework structured? How does the supervision work? This study has been based on semi-structured personal interviews with both active officers on board roro ships and inspectors from the Swedish Coast Guard whom are responsible for the supervision. Furthermore in order to gain insight in how the supervision works, observations have been carried out in the port of Helsingborg together with two cargo stowage inspectors from the Swedish Coast Guard. The result shows that stowage and securing within a CTU is a problem area which need improvement. The general opinion amongst officers is that it is not as big of a problem compared to if the CTU itself had not been properly secured. The officers that were interviewed were of the opinion that there has not been any major accidents or incidents that can be linked to inadequate cargo securing inside CTUs. Inspectors from the Swedish Coast Guard partly share the same opinion about the number of incidents but they do however believe that it is a major problem area.

Nyckelord: CSS-koden, CTU-koden, IMO, Kustbevakningen, lastbärare, lastsäkring, RoRo, sjötransport, stuvning

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