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SOV och CTV - En jämförelse mellan fartygstypernas kapacitet inom den havsbaserade vindkraftsindustrin

SOV and CTV - A comparison between the vessel-types capacity in the offshore wind industry

Albert Ahlström ; Axel Ahlström
Göteborg : Chalmers tekniska högskola, 2015. 51 s.
[Examensarbete på grundnivå]

This study attempts to clarify what kind of concepts the Service Operation Vessels and Crew Transfer Vessels are. By describing how the offshore wind industry currently looks and by interviewing representatives from various shipping- and energy companies in the offshore wind industry, the introduction of the new SOV vessels is examined. This Thesis will investigate how the new type of vessels will affect the problems occurring with the transportations and logistics during transfers in the offshore wind business. This thesis describes how transfers are performed with SOV’s and CTV’s. Also illustrated is an overview of transfers using helicopters when the weather situation demands it. The Thesis explores the advantages, disadvantages and risks involved in transfers offshore. This study estimates the emission of NOx and SOx gases emitted by the types of vessels. Answers were also positive for the question if Accommodation vessels along with CTV’s will prove a strong competitor to the SOV’s success and if the wind turbine parks continual advancement from the coast will require an additional option other than CTV’s alone. Fact remains that the benefits of using a CTV compared to an SOV near coastal waters provides greater speed, greater flexibility and a tolerance for mistakes that gives the CTV the upper hand in the coastal wind turbine parks. This study is performed according to the ‘qualitative method’, using semi structured interviews aimed to answer the questions provided. This thesis begins with chapters involving the relevant theory followed by a results analysis that ties together in a chapter with discussion, to provide the reader an overviewing image of the subject.

Nyckelord: havsbaserad vindkraft, Transfers, Service Operation Vessel, Crew Transfer Vessel, Tillgänglighet, Kustnära, icke kustnära, Underhåll, Turbin, Vindkraftspark

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