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En rundtur med Google Glass

A tour with Google Glass

Oskar Selberg ; Marcus Thorström
Göteborg : Chalmers tekniska högskola, 2015. 65 s.
[Examensarbete på grundnivå]

Intuitive office environments that make life easier for employees at the same time as the company is saving money, is something that consultant firms have begun showing interest in. The only limit for office design is the price. Sigma IT/Management in Gothenburg gladly shows their office to customers and corporation partners, but have noticed that much of the employees time has to be reserved for the guided tours, and the tours disturbs the employees that are working. This is why the company want to explore the possibility to automatize the tour with the newest smart product on the market, Google Glass.

This project includes the development of a system that enable the company to create, maintain and carry out the office tour, with the help of smart glasses and a website. On the website a user can create and maintain the tour. The glasses purpose is to substitute a human guide.

Tours will be carried out, after the system development, with both smart glasses and a human guide. This so that the two different methods can be evaluated and compared.

The smart glasses will show that the company is at the cutting edge of development, and demonstrate the possibilities of this new product. This in turn will help free employees time, and with the help of the built in speaker not disturb the surroundings.

The result from the project is that a system with a database, website, and Google Glass application was created. To be able to determine what is needed from the application, without prior experience, a user survey was carried out. To develop a system that is meant to replace a human has shown to have drawbacks, such as less input of information, and more time spent on developing the systems layout. This report also includes a discussion about improvements that can be made to reduce disadvantages and increase the benefits.

Nyckelord: Google Glass, Guided tour, Application, QR-Code, Database, Web

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