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Vikten av att väga containern - En studie om hur feldeklarerade containervikter påverkar transportkedjan

The importance of weighing the container - A study of how misdeclared container weights affect the transport chain

Caroline Sandin ; Charlotte Johansson
Göteborg : Chalmers tekniska högskola, 2015. 58 s.
[Examensarbete för kandidatexamen]

The revolution of the container has contributed to positive changes within the shipping industry. With the container, as a standardized unit, a more efficient and flexible transmission between different transports could be achieved. Another positive change due to standardized equipment is the reduced turnaround time in port from days to hours. The efficiency within the transport chain has affected all of the actors within the chain. Unfortunately, routine has affected the documentation handling in a negative way, due to the same amount of goods and weight transporting on a regular basis. This repetitive handling has resulted in misdeclared container weights, where actual weight is not corresponding to the freight document. This is a serious problem that jeopardizes the safety of the vessel. Misdeclared container weights have resulted in dreadful accidents which has caused several damages to goods and crew. To prevent future accidents caused by misdeclared container weights, the International Maritime Organization, IMO, have started an investigation of creating a draft for new recommendations, getting into force in spring 2016. The purpose of this bachelor thesis is to investigate if the actors within the shipping industry are affected by the new recommendations for the shipper and if vessel accidents can be prevented by them. If the new recommendations are applied, a superintendent must be chosen to make sure the actors comply with the directions. A discussion of a suitable superintendent and the consequences of not complying with the new recommendations will be presented. The foundation of this bachelor thesis is built of qualitative interviews where the respondent is chosen by a subjective selection. To receive a deeper understanding of the result, literature has been a well-defined complement. The result indicates that the transport chain and its actors are affected by misdeclared container weights. Most of the actors believe that there is an existing problem and that the new recommendations will result in positive changes.

Nyckelord: Containervägning, feldeklarerade containervikter, International Maritime Organization, SOLAS, fartygsstabilitet, fartygsolyckor, säker transport av gods och fraktdokument

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