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Analys och dimensionering av en elektrisk drivlina för Chalmers Formula Students tävlingsbil

Matilda Hildesson ; Ahmet Arikan ; Oscar Lindström Rignell ; Sivan Poules ; Sebastian Larqvist
Göteborg : Chalmers tekniska högskola, 2015. 59 s.
[Examensarbete för kandidatexamen]

Previous years the Chalmers Formula Student project has involved the usage of combustion engines for propulsion of vehicles. In consideration of global awareness of the need for alternate sources of energy, Chalmers Formula Student team has strived to modify their source of propulsion to an electrical powered engine. Towards achieving this, the following project has specifically strived towards optimizing the drivetrain for such an electrically powered vehicle. Demand for such a project is created due to the nature of the organization, which is first and foremost a competition. Within the regulations for the competition, a means for retrieving necessary data for the design of such a vehicle is crucial to the Chalmers Formula Student projects success. Hence this project has created a means to identify the relation between key parameters and the possibility to predict their influence on the final competition score. In consideration of the means available to the group responsible for the project, the results are generated and concluded by the means of computer generated simulations. As basis for these simulations, thorough investigations concerning key components have been carried out. Modeling using stimulatory programs, mainly Simulink has been the focal point around which all other studies have been carried out. Continuous simulations have been performed to confirm the validity of the results, and in length to ascertain data useable for dimensioning. Results of the simulations show that a 3% increase of the points is possible using a drivetrain containing two 44 Nm PMSM motors, a lithium-cobalt battery with 210 cells and a car weight on 270 kg.

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