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Modernisering av lysrörsbelysning med LED

Modernization of fluorescent lighting with LED

Göran Åhling
Göteborg : Chalmers tekniska högskola, 2015. 32 s.
[Examensarbete på avancerad nivå]

Modernization of fluorescent lighting with LED This report addresses the possibility to replace existing lighting solutions based on fluorescent tubes of type T8 (diameter 26 mm), and their ancestors T12 (diameter 38 mm) with modern retrofit-­‐style light-­‐sources where light is emitted from solid-­‐state diodes, i.e. LEDs. The report describes basic prerequisites for artificial lighting, and a description of currently common lighting techniques in domestic Swedish commercial buildings. In the description of LED-­‐retrofit light sources a summary of their usefulness and their limitations is given. The text gives some guidance in identifying existing luminaires and is aimed at a decision on possible use of retrofit-­‐tubes, and if so, which type of retrofit tube. The conclusion is that LED-­‐based retrofit tubes often are technically suitable but states that certain prerequisites must be considered: The retrofit tubes are not suitable for use in every environment, they require luminaires where serial connection of multiple tubes is not used (for EM-­‐design) or multi-­‐tube HF-­‐drivers is not used. The retrofit tubes require that light-­‐reduction (dimming) is not installed. The energy consumption is often substantially reduced by replacing incandescent lighting with LED-­‐ retrofit tubes, but the economic facts must be calculated based upon several parameters in each actual case, such as yearly time of use, the heating or possibly cooling of the premises, besides the obvious costs of acquiring, installing and maintaining the different types of lighting.

Nyckelord: Fluorescent lighting LED retrofit lamp

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