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End of the Road - A Case Study in Building a Horror Game for Virtual Reality

Johan Backman ; Albin Casparsson ; Robin Grönberg ; Magnus Hagmar ; Jonathan Nilsfors ; Linnea Otterlind
Göteborg : Chalmers tekniska högskola, 2015. 52 s.
[Examensarbete för kandidatexamen]

This thesis explores the possibilities and limitations of virtual reality in gaming, with focus on the horror genre. One of the key features of this concept is the heightened level of immersion that can be achieved through the use of a head-mounted display. In order to investigate this, a case study in the form of developing a horror game for virtual reality has been performed. We have continuously analyzed the different development tools and game design guidelines available in order to present a suitable approach for developing such a game. The case study has resulted in the horror game End of the Road. Due to the limited time frame of the project, we have been forced to exclude several game elements which we would have preferred to implement. Nonetheless, we consider the game to contain a satisfactory amount of content. We have performed a series of user test sessions where non-project members were asked to play the game and evaluate their experience. After collecting all evaluations and compiling the data, we have concluded that the resulting game is perceived as frightening. Thus, we have fulfilled our ambition to utilize virtual reality to create a horror game. Whether or not the resulting game is considered more frightening than it would have been without using virtual reality is, however, uncertain. In order to establish this, we would require further testing, with and without the use of a head-mounted display, and a comparison of the gathered results.

Nyckelord: Virtual Reality, Horror Game, Oculus Rift, Immersion, Unreal Engine, Game Development,

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