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Kryssningsverksamheten i Göteborg - Förutsättningar för fler kryssningsanlöp

Cruise Shipping in Gothenburg - Preconditions for more cruise calls

Eric Colliander ; Anton Forsberg
Göteborg : Chalmers tekniska högskola, 2015. 61 s.
[Examensarbete för kandidatexamen]

The cruise industry has in recent years been one of the fastest growing segments within the tourism industry. The industry contributes towards economic growth for the port and the surrounding area. In Gothenburg, the number of cruise ship calls has increased from 34 in 2009 to 73 in 2014. Furthermore, there is a goal that Gothenburg in 2025 shall handle 80-100 cruise ship calls. In this report an evaluation, based on operational and strategic aspects, is made in order to investigate which potential the port and city has to achieve the goal and which improvements that have to be made. To provide the reader with a broad perspective, the result is based on interviews with Salén Ship Management, SDK Shipping, Gothenburg Cruise Network, the port’s cruise department and the port’s security department. The respondents agree that Gothenburg has great potential to achieve the goal. However, shortcomings have been detected regarding occupancy of quays, flow rate of passengers in security-checks, the port’s cost strategy, the focus of marketing and evaluations after the cruise calls.

Nyckelord: Hamn, Kryssningsfartyg, Turn Around, Avfall, Ekonomi, Marknadsföring, Fysiska Aspekter, Säkerhet, Göteborg

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