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EU ship recycling regulation - En analys av förordningens innehåll, rättsverkan och effekt

EU ship recycling regulation - An analysis of the content, legal effect and impact of the Regulation

Jeanette Andersson ; Kevin Wikström
Göteborg : Chalmers tekniska högskola, 2015. 45 s.
[Examensarbete för kandidatexamen]

The EU ship recycling regulation is an enactment issued by the European Union to precipitate the ratification process of the Hong Kong convention. With assistance of the enactment EU wants to get control over the recycling plants for vessels mainly disposed in Asia regarding their poor working conditions and environmental problems. By utilizing the enactment it will ensure that vessels registered in the EU will not carry toxic wastes from Europe to Asia. The purpose of the report is to account for what new claims that EU ship recycling regulation will set on shipowners disposed in the EU and to compare them to the claims applying to shipowners from a third country. Also a statement of what improvements that EU ship recycling regulation will contribute to the recycling plants for vessels will be included. At last the report aims to account for in what extension shipowners at present know about the regulation and how it will influence the not yet ratified Hong Kong convention. The report is based on a legal methodology whose primary data is acquired from literature searching in scientific articles and regulations, international legislation and interviews. The report concludes that only a list of hazardous materials on board vessels will be a requirement on both shipowners within and outside the EU. The remaining parts of the Regulation will only be directed against the shipowners within the EU as well as recycling facilities for vessels in and outside the Member States. Workers at recycling plants will have increased oversight and safety to prevent injuries. Recycling facilities also must be included in the European list to be allowed to recycle European ships. In practice, none of the approached shipowners contacted know what the regulation is. The purpose behind the EU ship recycling regulation is similar to the Hong Kong convention and will hopefully generate applications from other countries within the EU.

Nyckelord: EU ship recycling regulation, Hong Kong-konventionen, Baselkonventionen, IMO, Sjöfart, Fartygsåtervinning

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