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Framtidens kylmaskiner; Absorptionskyla, kan det användas till sjöss?

Refrigeration of tomorrow; Absorption cooling, can it be used onboard?

Jack Svensson ; Filip Frigren
Göteborg : Chalmers tekniska högskola, 2015. 36 s.
[Examensarbete på grundnivå]

This thesis was written in Swedish. On a ship there is a need for refrigeration which needs to be produced on-board. This is commonly made using a vapour compression refrigeration plant, a method of refrigeration that uses up a high amount of energy, and thus is expensive to use. Today there is an environmental-friendly development and the commonly used refrigerants in compressor refrigeration plants are now a focus point. This motivates researching a replacement. This literature review examines the absorption cooling plant, and its capability to replace the standard vapour compression plant on-board ships a part of the international trade fleet. The aspects that were studied and put in comparison were operation, economy and the working principles. The result of the thesis is based upon 11 different previous scientific studies made in the later 21st century. The study finds that a replacement of a compressor driven cooling plant is theoretically possible. This would generate an economical benefit due to reduced operative costs in comparison, but as the cost to install an absorption refrigeration system is significantly higher makes it less attractive for retrofitting an older ship. The biggest profit would be made from an installation on a new one. The studied absorption cooling plant has fewer possibilities to produce temperatures for freezers and it is unsecure in its operability while at sea, with poor efficiency with changing ambient conditions and instability with weather induced rolling. This makes the absorption cooling plant more unreliable, a trait that is not favoured upon in the maritime business, as a ship at sea could be days of travel away from the nearest port.

Nyckelord: Absorptionsanläggningar, absorption, kylanläggningar till sjöss, framtida kylanläggningar, fartygs kyltekniker

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