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Alternativ uppvärmning med värmepumpar för fartyg som ligger i hamn

Alternative heating with heat pumps for ships in harbour

Tommy Andersson ; Johan Carlsson
Göteborg : Chalmers tekniska högskola, 2015. 56 s.
[Examensarbete på grundnivå]

The heating needs decreases with the use of finer fuels on ships because of ever growing environmental demands. This could make the oil-fired boiler unnecessary and the study investigates if there is a possibility to use heat pumps as an alternative to the boiler when the ship is in harbor. The study investigates two options, the seawater source heat pump and the air source heat pump, as possible alternatives. By using a case study of the ship Fryken in Gothenburg the study examines if heat pumps can be used and which type of heat pump that is best suited for the situation. In the case study the temperatures of the two heat sources is investigated during the winter months (January to Mars). The installation possibilities of the heat pumps are also explored as well as how great the operational and environmental savings would be if the current air heating boiler was replaced. In the result the study finds that the seawater source heat pump is unsuitable in the northern waters and the area around Gothenburg because of the relatively high temperature demand on the heat source. The air source heat pump can in most cases deal with the low air temperatures encountered in Gothenburg during the cold winter months. In some extreme cases, it would nevertheless be ineffective and a dual-stage heat pump would be the most appropriate to use. By using a heat pump one achieves high efficiency and local emissions of the greenhouse gas CO2 disappears. This provides great savings in operating costs and minimal emissions of carbon dioxide compared with an oil-fired boiler.

Nyckelord: heat pump, seawater source heat pump, air source heat pump, DASHP, DSWHP, ship, harbour, oil-fired boiler

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