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Tvåkomponentsfärg till sjöss: – Matrosers förhållningssätt till personlig skyddsutrustning

Two-component paint at sea - Able seaman’s approach of using personal protective equipment

Jacob Brattberg ; Henrik Hulthén
Göteborg : Chalmers tekniska högskola, 2014. 45 s.
[Examensarbete på grundnivå]

The able seamen’s working tasks include mostly maintenance and care of the ship. An element of work includes painting with two-component paint containing thermosetting plastic. If two-component paints are not handled properly, it can pose a serious health risk. Therefore, there are regulations and general guidelines for the handling of thermostatic plastics. Whether those who use the paints in turn know the risks and comply with these directives is unclear. We, who write this report, both have professional experience from sea and our overall opinion is that it can differ significantly how the security thinking is between the ships and various crews. The purpose of this paper is to examine in what extent able seamen follows the recommendations for personal protective equipment when painting with two-component paint and what causes that controls whether they use protective equipment or not. The result described and presented in this report is based from a survey. To gain an understanding and basis for the questions in the questionnaire theory of literature and scientific articles compiled in a background chapter. According to this study, most able seamen has good understanding of the health risks involved when working with two-component paint and also uses some kind of personal protective equipment. Though, some deficiencies seem to occur as some able seamen think there is a lack of an adequate set of personal protective equipment on board. There are also a high proportion of able seamen who paints with two-component paint that seems to lack training in thermoset processing.

Nyckelord: tvåkomponentsfärg, härdplast, personlig skyddsutrustning, matros, attityd, undersökning

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