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Is there a future for large lightweight catamarans? - A cost comparison between Stena Explorer and Stena Jutlandica with focus on fuel cost and operational expenditures

Erik Hanberger ; Per Johansson
Göteborg : Chalmers tekniska högskola, 2014. 51 s.
[Examensarbete för kandidatexamen]

From year 1996 and until the beginning of year 2014, the price of the fuel marine gas oil has increased from 182 US dollar to 882 US dollar per ton. This has led to larger costs for the shipping industry. One segment in the shipping industry that has suffered extensively from this increase is the Ro-Pax segment. In the beginning of the 1990’s a new innovative Ro-Pax concept, with high focus on safety and efficiency, was initiated by Stena Rederi AB. The concept was called High-Speed Sea Service (HSS) and was developed to transport passengers, cars and trucks in a speed of over 40 knots. Transporting vessels in these velocities result in extreme fuel consumption, hence the HSS concept is no longer financially viable due to the higher fuel price of today. This bachelor thesis will examine if high-speed Ro-Pax catamarans can use a lower speed and change its machinery, and thereby become cost competitive. To fulfil the purpose, the authors have collected quantitative data to present a credible cost comparison between a high-speed Ro-Pax catamaran and a similar conventional Ro-Pax vessel. In order to execute a truthful comparison, qualitative data as interviews has also contributed to the investigation in this thesis. The authors have from the result concluded indications that a high-speed Ro-Pax catamaran could become cost competitive by modifying its machinery from gas turbines to conventional machinery and by reducing its operational speed. The shift of concept will lead to a reduction in fuel consumption, lower operational expenditures and less environmental impact.

Nyckelord: High-speed catamaran, Ro-Pax, Fuel consumption, SECA, MGO, HFO, HSS

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