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Plattformsoberoende apputveckling Vilket är det mest lämpliga verktyget för att utveckla en cross-platform-app?

Jonas Berglund ; Anders Johansson
Göteborg : Chalmers tekniska högskola, 2014. 44 s.
[Examensarbete på grundnivå]

Cross -platform is a method for developing a single software system that is compatible with multiple platforms. Because of all the different platforms in the mobile market and the demand for apps, it is now interesting to be able to develop apps that can run on as many platforms as possible. This report examines which is the most appropriate tool for the development of a cross-platform app. An evaluation of Intel XDK, PhoneGap and Xamarin has been made. Different solutions for the apps back-end were also evaluated. Intel XDK was chosen as the most appropriate tool for the project. An app was developed with Intel XDK together with a back-end containing of a LAMP-server. The goal of the app is to replace the current distribution of advertisement to people’s homes. The result shows that it is possible to develop a cross-platform app in Intel XDK. There are pros and cons with all the tools available and it is therefore important to choose the tool that satisfies the requirements of the product in the best way.

Nyckelord: ross-platform, app development, Intel XDK, PhoneGap, Xamarin.

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