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Vad har Götaälvbron för inverkan på trafikflödet av lastfartyg längs Göta älv? En fallstudie av inlandssjöfarten på Göta älv

What impact does the new Gota river bridge have on the cargo carrier traffic along the river? A case study about the inland waterway traffic along Gota River

Erik Wibel ; Felix Gillkvist
Göteborg : Chalmers tekniska högskola, 2014. 73 s.
[Examensarbete för kandidatexamen]

Since the proposal of a new bridge was presented, as a part of “Västlänken” and for the 200 year anniversary for the city of Gothenburg, the opinions about the design and construction of the bridge have varied. If they decide to build a bridge with a height of 13 meters, all of the cargo ships in the future will depend on several bridge openings, a problem that eventually will result in restrictions both for land and sea transports. The community of Gothenburg has promised the shipping industry 15 bridge openings per day. After the community conducted several studies concerning the quantity of goods they have come to the conclusion that 15 bridge openings per day will not be necessary. The shipping industry on the other hand emphasizes that the EU-commissions directives, concerning inland waterways, will help them prosper but the new bridge will only develop problems which will make their customers start to consider other alternatives. At the same time there is an ongoing debate about the railway departures and arrivals in Gothenburg where administration is dealing with capacity problems. The shipping industry is also worried that a result of the population’s lack of patience will generate less bridge openings in the future. The consequences will not be in favor of the shipping industry. The choice of resource method is based on the editor’s choice of research questions. These questions have been redefined as the knowledge has increased. Through these questions the purpose of the project has been reached. To give the reader a clearer view of the overall situation, the editors has categorized the project based on five different areas of subject. Based on the gathered material the editors have come to the conclusion that the conflict and discussion concerning the bridge does not have a single solution. It is hard to take all parties thoughts into consideration. Factors that have to be considered when taking such decisions may vary from price, design, costs, interests and more. It is very important not to limit the possibilities of the future for parties that are dependent on the shipping industry. This is a very complex question that creates an unnecessary conflict between two interests that varies from each other but are still dependent on each other.

Nyckelord: Västlänken, Nya Göta älvbron, lågbro, inlandssjöfart, järnväg, godsvolymer, kollektivtrafik, spärrtider, Vänersjöfart, Göteborgs Stad

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