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Offline First Undersökning av lagringstekniker på klientsidan för webbapplikationer

Erik Gil Forsman ; Jonas Ha
Göteborg : Chalmers tekniska högskola, 2014. 42 s.
[Examensarbete på grundnivå]

Web applications that are tailored for mobile platforms have become a popular solution among developers instead of native applications. It is primarily the cross-platform feature that is of interest to the developer when developing web applications. But in order to compete against native applications, it is important that the web applications are able to run offline. This means that the functionalities that do not require Internet access operate in the same manner as if the Internet connection existed. When HTML5 was released, a couple of storage technologies were also introduced. These technologies allow developers to store data on the users' devices. By combining these storage technologies with the right architecture, it is possible to create web applications that are not dependent on an Internet connection. This report describes storage technologies such as Application Cache, Web SQL, IndexedDB and Web Storage that are currently available in users' browsers, as well as an in depth analysis of each storage technology to determine which technology is best suited for certain types of data. This report also includes a case study to illustrate how these technologies along with AngularJS can be used in practice. The web application is developed using HTML's latest standard HTML5, which includes CSS3 and JavaScript. To achieve a more content rich theme and custom mobile application, the framework jQuery Mobile was also used. The application is an implementation of an amusement park's website and the data is downloaded from a public API. The conclusion in this report is that the different storage technologies are sufficiently mature to be used in production. It is recommended that larger amount of data are cached in either Web SQL or IndexedDB, simpler data sets in Web Storage and important files are recommended to be cached in the Application Cache.

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