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Investigation IMS architecture According to Security and QoS context

Muhammad Ajal ; Shamayel Ulraja Raja Muhammad
Göteborg : Chalmers tekniska högskola, 2014. 59 s.
[Examensarbete på avancerad nivå]

Next Generation Network moved towards full IP- based network. In NGN, various types of services are provided by CSCF – Control Service Control Function called as IMS- IP Multimedia Subsystem. IMS is located in service layer of NGN architecture. IMS network provides services to several terminals as wire and wireless independently of access network. Hence, NGN – IMS has common service control architecture. Networks are based on data and components. These are open and regulated. Security rises in this scenario when an unauthorized access is being accomplishing. As a collectively it is considered as network security. Security requirements and mechanisms are based on various techniques. Security polices and protocols are set by standardized bodies and security experts as well. Security solutions are implemented by investigation of their architectural framework. In IMS network, security architecture is under further researched. International bodies as UMTS and 3GPP provides framework to best analyzed in security requirement. UMTS AKA authentication and key agreement implements on user and operator level. KMS based security solution is a proposed model to secure both entities of IMS network i.e. Operator and User level security. Separation of these entities invokes security concern to network operator and user as well. Mechanism is a different approach. This will be done by implementing security procedure in terms of enhanced authentication, attacks detection and cryptographic analysis. Analysis and results are evaluated on the basis of foresaid protocols and mechanisms. Satisfaction of success is to delivery of contents with no interception and delay in reception. This comes under a separate service i.e. Quality of Service – QoS. Achievement of good quality in service delivery is done by policy based management. Solution is to set policy on appropriate entities within a network.

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