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Laserexperiment för grundskola och gymnasium

Maja Fahlén ; Jim Bill ; Annika Lundqvist ; Stina Wahlgren ; Damien Lang ; Arvid Skarrie
Göteborg : Chalmers tekniska högskola, 2014. 63 s.
[Examensarbete för kandidatexamen]

This report discusses the development of lessons based on laborations for middle and high school. The purpose of the project was to research the possibility to affect students' attitude towards physics through well-planned stimulating lessons. The lessons were based on the Light and Lasers Outreach Kit, a teaching package made by the organisation Laser Classroom, and have been adapted for physics in middle and high school. The lessons were developed on a pedagogical and didactical ground and were improved with surveys and peer and self assessment. The lessons were based on laser light and its properties. One lesson covered the topic of single-slit diffraction, while the other treated geometrical optics.

The lessons were held for 12 different classes in the local area of Gothenburg, and at all of the occasions the students were asked to participate in a survey. In this way, their general interest in physics could be measured, and it also helped to improve the lessons. When a total of 169 surveys were collected, a couple of pre-decided hyphotheses were tried with t- and chi-squared-test. After a comparison with the control group a statistically significant positive difference in the general physics interest could be measured within pupils that participated in the lessons. However, it was not possible to establish if this was an effect of the content of the lessons or other circumstances. In general, the pupils found the lessons interesting.

Finally it could be established by interviewing the teachers that the lesson structures were useful. However the contents of the lessons didn't have a perfectly clear place in the swedish high school curriculum, depending on how each teacher individually interprets it. The middle school teachers however agreed that the lesson held for their students, the geometrical optics lesson, fits the curriculum, and that the lesson as it is could be used in their regular teaching.

Nyckelord: diffraktion, laser, mikroskop, attitydmätning, laboration

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