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Jämförande studie av svensk statistik gällande arbetsolyckor och sjukdomar på fartyg för år 2011

Comparison of Swedish statistics regarding work related accidents and illnesses on board merchant ships during 2011

Richard Stridmark ; Jorge Lagunes
Göteborg : Chalmers tekniska högskola, 2013. 45 s.
[Examensarbete på grundnivå]

This report is about Swedish statistics on work related accidents and work related diseases onboard Swedish ships. The authors analyzed collected statistics from two authorities and an insurance organization in an attempt to compare the data. In order to understand the need for statistics and why the authority publishes them; minor literature study was conducted. The results of the literature study are in the background chapter. The requirements for the different cases to be registered in the statistics have been investigated, in unity with the issue in question. The requirements that have been considered, as the most important, are presented in the Slutsats och rekommendationer chapter. The main goal of the study was to examine if the statistics published by Transportstyrelsen (TS) are an appropriate benchmark in the preventive work regarding occupational hazards. In Sweden, there is an information system regarding work-related injuries (ISA) whose statutory aim is that the statistics should create a basis for the preventive work with the work environment. All of the statistics were compared to enhance the understanding of the validity between the statistics presented by TS, the social insurance office Försäkringskassan and AFA insurances, which manages collective agreement insurances. The statistics from TS and AFA concerned work-related injuries and diseases. The social insurance office could only present statistics over the number of validated dossiers when the employer had requested compensation. The answer to one of the questions at issue, the actual statistical numbers of cases during 2011, is presented in the results chapter. The report was done on behalf of Pekka Räisänen, a Finnish researcher who studies the field of work related accidents. Pekkas research studies the Nordic countries statistics and searches for an appropriate way for the maritime authorities in the Nordic countries to present accident statistics. If it was possible to compare the statistics between the Nordic countries, a more reliable assessment of the safety aboard, could be possible. The conclusion of this report is that, Transportstyrelsens statistics is not appropriate in its current form, as a benchmark in the preventive work.

Nyckelord: säkerhet, arbetsmiljö, statistik, risk, arbetsskador, arbetssjukdom, olycksfall, förebyggande arbete

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