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Intendenturpersonalens syn på säkerhetsarbetet ombord på ett passagerarfartyg i färjetrafik

The catering personnel's approach to safety on board a passenger vessel in ferry service

Egil Nordström ; Magnus Lindeberg
Göteborg : Chalmers tekniska högskola, 2013. 45 s.
[Examensarbete på grundnivå]

Today, the catering personnel are an essential part of the safety organization on board Swedish passenger vessels in ferry services. Their responsibilities for the safety on board have increased in connection with the changes in regulations made on the shipping industry. These changes have been mostly related to human factors and structural leadership in the last 25 years. A well-functioning safety organization requires competence and commitment from every individual. Previous researches on Swedish passenger ferries concerning the safety organization have raised issues regarding the catering personnel’s perception of the safety on board. Earlier studies indicate a discrepancy between the catering personnel and the ships’ operations department regarding the perception of safety and the preferential right to interpretation of safety on board. With the following research questions the report intends to examine the catering personnel’s approach to safety. What is their perception of, what motivates them to, and what are their feelings towards; being involved in the safety organization on board? The result of this report is based on a qualitative survey carried out on board a Swedish passenger vessel. Personnel from different parts of the catering department were interviewed. The results concluded that the catering personnel have a positive perception of the safety and that their commitment towards safety applies on an individual basis. To encourage the personnel’s view of safety in a positive direction, the design and credibility of the safety drills is an important factor. Asking questions and having an open dialogue are also important.

Nyckelord: säkerhet, intendenturpersonal, säkerhetsorganisation, säkerhetsarbete, utrymning, säkerhetsövningar, evakuering

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