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Förstudie och utformning av grönrum och terrass, Tillbyggnad till äldreboende på Forellen i Partille

Planning of winter garden and terrace, Extension of nursing home on Forellen in Partille

Annie Carlsson ; Alexandra Hägglin
Göteborg : Chalmers tekniska högskola, 2013.
[Examensarbete på grundnivå]

Partille municipality is planning an extension of the building Forellen. Green environments in health care have been shown to improve the health of patients, especially in elderly care. This report addresses the possibility of using the leftover space in close connection to a dementia and short-term accommodation to a winter garden and a terrace. The report also analyzes the impact of these green spaces on the residents. The purpose is to find alternative answers on the issue through the study of nursing homes and green spaces, and that these may be useful for Partille municipality and inspiration for future projects. The goal is to get conclusions in to a report, drawings, and an oral presentation. The results show that the design of environments can affect human well-being and also be healing both mentally and physically. In this report focused on elderly, particularly dementia patients, in a garden setting. The results also discuss how the technical design of a roof terrace, a corridor and a winter garden might look like with respect to increased availability and a more demanding installation technology environment. When planning the corridor the level differences between the connecting rooms must be considered. The corridor must be at least 3 meters wide to fulfill the requirements. The roof construction in the winter garden varies depending on what kinds of plants are used. The facade is glazed and is supported by a steel construction. The installations must handle both high temperatures as well as low. The terrace is built on a roof that must be isolated. Different materials can be used to walk on. Both the terraces and the winter gardens passages needs 1.8 meters and the flowerbeds should be elevated so everyone can access.

Nyckelord: korridor, terrass, grönrum, demensboende, korttidsboende, läkande miljöer, sinnesstimulans, rehabilitering, tillgänglighet, inomhusklimat, konstruktion, corridor, terrace, winter garden,

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