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SAP notifications data model - Automatic reporting of maintenance and defect data from electrical power grids

Alexander E. Jansson ; Johan C. Andersson
Göteborg : Chalmers tekniska högskola, 2004. 72 s.
[Examensarbete på avancerad nivå]

The changed conditions on the electricity market due to deregulation have created a need for smarter maintenance and asset monitoring. This is to supply the customers with high quality energy and also to reduce costs for utilities. A step in the direction to please these needs is to go from time based maintenance to condition based maintenance. A fundamental condition for Powerlink taking this step is to make use of all data collected from the electrical power grid stored within Plant Maintenance Repository (SAP). By using the data, the strategy engineers can perform a more effective work by checking the condition of assets and trace trends. They will receive feedback on the maintenance being performed on objects in the electrical power grid. By removing the manual steps in the process, in going from the collection of data to putting it into reports, the transition to condition based maintenance will be facilitated. With the software application package provided by Hummingbird BI it is possible to automatically collect data from the Plant Maintenance Data Repository on a daily basis and raise exceptions for deviating data exceeding certain thresholds. The data is put into web based reports in a data model called SAP Notifications and the values exceeding the thresholds are highlighted to make the user aware of feasible problems. Once every quarter, the numbers of exceptions for each technical object type and report are send out to the strategy engineers via e-mail. This is a scheduled process and it highlights areas where additional attention is needed and also serves as a reminder for the strategy engineers to make use of the data in the reports. SAP Notifications introduces a new way of making use of data stored within the database. There are big advantages with this new method for extracting and presenting data compared with the old method. Time is saved and the risk of introducing errors in the data is minimised, both parts are essential for effective maintenance and asset monitoring. A possible concern with the new technology is that reliance on people’s instinct and knowledge of the electrical power grid and its components may be reduced. Instead a total acceptance of statistical analysis of the raw data may be introduced. For the moment, this is the only method for automatic updating of reports and sending of e-mails to the users. The way the reports can be created upon request from the users is also a feature that makes the model a powerful tool for the improvement of maintenance procedures. However, when other maintenance software packages catch up with SAP Notifications it is important to investigate if the model is the most suitable tool for Powerlink.

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