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Optimering av prioriteringsverktyget Werner

Optimization of the priority tool Werner

Anna Pettersson
Göteborg : Chalmers tekniska högskola, 2007. 63 s.
[Examensarbete på avancerad nivå]

E.ON Elnät has in their project Operational Performance developed a priority tool for construction and operation. The tool will help the users to increase the capability to priority between new development projects and removal of faults. The tool can be seen as a measuring for different bay’s reliability, size and the community usefulness. The result of the priority is directly connected to which calibration that is chosen in the tool. The priority tool is still under development and there is therefore an uncertainty about how sensitive the tool is for changes in the calibration. It should be investigated if more parameters are suitable to use and how their calibration would be. The aim of this work is to investigate this and give some suggestions for improvements. Initially the intention was also to investigate how big the benefit of the priority tool was. The major conclusion from this work was that the priority tool is a stable tool that thanks to its flexibility can be changed easily. Some improvements should be done in the calibration due to the results given in the test run of the project treated by ‘beslutsberedningskommittén’. There should also be some new parameters implemented such as more statistics of faults to meet the customers’ demand of good power quality. The benefit of the priority tool should be investigated more when the tool is taken into use. The rest of this report is written in Swedish.

Nyckelord: Priority, distribution system, reliability, performance indices, and network performance assessment model (NPAM)

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