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Högeffektslysdioder. Möjligheter och förutsättningar för högeffektslysdioder som belysningskälla - ett demonstrationsbygge

High power light emitting diodes. Possibilities and prerequisites for high power light emitting diodes as a source of illumination - a test construction

William Collings ; Mikael Pettersson
Göteborg : Chalmers tekniska högskola, 2008. 25 s.
[Examensarbete på avancerad nivå]

This report examines the prerequisites for LEDs to replace other technologies in different applications. How does the different technologies for light generation work and what are the advantages and disadvantages? The various technologies limitations and characteristics provides the opportunities for the LEDs. This report describes a test-construction built to examine what practical arrangements can be built with modern light emitting diodes, in order to show some of the possibilities. The construction consists of three different applications, a high power lamp based on cold white LEDs, one based on warm white LEDs for the evaluation of the light characteristics and a RGB-LED based lamp able to mix any colors quickly and seamlessly. The test construction also contains the essential peripherals including control-electronics, optics and a custom built watercooling solution. The potential for LEDs is huge but it is complicated to build LED based applications due to the limitations which mainly includes the electronics and the neccesary cooling. If LEDs are going to have a high impact in general lighting there are some requirements to be met. Either light emitting diodes able to run directly from 230VAC has to be developed or the the control electronics has to be compact enough to squeeze in light emitting diodes in existing luminaires. Both of these solutions are becoming more available on the market right now, but the cost is still high. For special applications such as torches, diving torches, battery powered emergency lighting and stage lighting for concerts and theaters, LEDs are already in common use. These applications are driving up production volumes for LEDs, making them cheaper and more available. This in turn allows for the development of even higher volumes, making the cost of the light emitting diode to spiral downward.

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