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A 5 MW Wind Turbine Generator System for a DC grid application

Arash Mazaheri
Göteborg : Chalmers tekniska högskola, 2012. 75 s.
[Examensarbete på avancerad nivå]

In this work a robust generating system for a 5 MW PMSM wind turbine system with diode rectifier and DC/DC converter connected to DC link has been investigated. The design and efficiency have been studied using MATLAB Simulink and SIMPLORER and the result shows that this system topology has high efficiency. The result found was that the same generator that can provide 5 MW using an IGBT-Converter, can only give 2.5 MW using a diode rectifier and a variable DClink. However, with series and parallel compensations the same generator can provide an output power even more than 5 MW. It was also found that the efficiencies of systems at rated operation with IGBT-converter, diode rectifier with series compensation and shunt compensation are 97.6%, 98.6%, and 98.9%, respectively. Moreover, the systems efficiency at 5% of load are 93.0%, IGBT-converter, 97.3%, series compensation, and 95.3%, shunt compensation. The required reactive power for series compensation and shunt compensation to provide 5 MW output power for the diode rectifier system, at rated operation, are 1.5 MVar and 2.8 MVar, respectively. To conclude, the diode rectifier with series compensation is more efficient for low wind speed (4-11m/s) also it needs less reactive power; however, the shunt compensation scenario has better efficiency at rated speed when the wind speed is higher than 12m/s.

Nyckelord: Diode rectifier, DC/DC converter, PMSM, wind power generator, synchronous

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