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Konstruktion av anordning för att undersöka förslitning av syrebärarpartiklar för kemcyklisk förbränning

Adrian Gunnarsson ; Patrik Gyllén ; Johan Larsson ; Simon Lindqvist ; Joakim Hedström ; Ramyar Baban
Göteborg : Chalmers tekniska högskola, 2012. 36 s.
[Examensarbete för kandidatexamen]

The purpose of this work is to design and construct a device able to measure the mechanical attrition of oxygen carrier particles. Those particles are used in chemical looping combustion and in the present situation there is a lack of knowledge in how the attrition process work and in which extension. To find already tested solutions trying to answering this problem a literature study wascarried out and the best solution found was the so called Grace-Davison Jet-Cup method. This method is supposed to emulate the attrition caused by a cyclone separator and its advantages are that it is possible to use small test amounts, 5-10 g, and a thirty minutes long test will be enough to acquire useable results. An device was designed based on the Jet-Cup method with some slight modifications. Blueprints for the designed parts were developed and sent to Mekpart AB in Molndal for manufacturing. Remaining components were either ordered from different companies or manufactured by hand. After delivery the device was tested with an amount of 10 g ilmenite and an airow of 15 L/min. The attrition-rate was measured by plotting the weight of fines collected against time.The time-dependence of the particle attrition rate adopted a linear appearance after a short time. When the test was repeated the reproducibility was proven to be good. However the device was not able to be tested for a 20 L/min airow because the pressure drop became higher than calculated and the relief valve mounted in the humidity deviceopened.

Nyckelord: Chemical-looping combustion; Particle attrition; Fluidization; Jet cup

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