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Portlet designmetodik och informationsdelning

Portlet Design Methodology & Information Sharing

Sasan Farmanesh
Göteborg : Chalmers tekniska högskola, 2011. 86 s.
[Examensarbete på grundnivå]

The portal market is filled with portals. There are a few good ones that have risen to the top. One such portal is the Java based Liferay portal ( Portals are content providers or providers of web applications where the delivered application or content are portlets. Portlets in turn can implement anything imaginable ranging from simple text to complex systems displaying real-time charts and other graphical components. Three portlets were implemented that each has a specific purpose. The Google Maps portlet shows a topdown view of the otherwise abstract services. The Performance portlets main feature is a chart that has the capability of finding correlations between data types. An example could be to find a correlation between CPU load and number of dropped calls in a mobile solution. In the Service portlet four different views are implemented to display the status of services. Each view has its strengths and weaknesses. The four views are gauge, grid, text (name of service) and simple (shows only condition). All services are color coded depending on the condition of the service. Dojo toolkit is the framework that runs all of the graphical components in the portlets. Dojo is a free to use, free to modify framework that implements a plethora of different components ranging from simple text areas to charts and mobile UIs. By reading the report the reader will gain an understanding on how to develop portlets by learning of what not to do through reading about the mistakes done. A simplified usability test was conducted at the end of the implementation phase. The outcome of the usability test was a long list of improvements that can be implemented to significantly increase the user experience in the portlets.

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