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ZigBee - en generell applikation

ZigBee - a Common Application

Therese Hauer
Göteborg : Chalmers tekniska högskola, 2011. 31 s.
[Examensarbete på grundnivå]

This project started as an idea of developing smart and cost effective home automation with power outlets and switches being controlled via e.g. a smart phone or a web interface. As a part of this concept, an application running on the outlets and switches, communicating wireless with each other, needed to be developed. The choice to use ZigBee as communication protocol was made and thus this project began. The aim was to develop a simple ZigBee application, being able of sending and receiving data between hardware units. The hardware had been developed specifically for the home automation concept. However, in this project, focus was on the ZigBee software application. An application was created and tested for basic functionality together with the hardware. Testing and debugging became a large part of the project, since ZigBee and how it was made up and how it worked had to be learned from the beginning since no previous knowledge in the area existed. Some functionality was met with the application. However, the uncertainty of how well the wireless part worked shadowed the entire project and at the end, it was settled that the application that was created, didn’t have all the functionality that would have been needed for the final application of the home automation concept. The conclusions were that developing with ZigBee demanded much time and effort. Also, had ready-made hardware specifically developed for ZigBee been used, both time and effort could have been decreased. The hardware factor remained an issue throughout this project, since it was hard to test its functions since there was no guaranteed-to-work-software for it; that was the one that was about to get built.

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