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Seamlessly access and share data between interactive devices based on natural user interface - Focus on daily Scrum meetings

Ahmed Chaban ; Henrik Åkerberg
Göteborg : Chalmers tekniska högskola, 2012. 63 s.
[Examensarbete på avancerad nivå]

The purpose of this study was to investigate if interactive devices could be used as an aid during daily Scrum meetings. Another aim was to find out how to seamlessly share data between different interactive devices during daily Scrum meetings, based on the NUI paradigm. The study was conducted at and commissioned by Touchtech, a software company developing multi-touch solutions in Gothenburg. The research methods utilized in this study consisted of a field study, brainstorming, paper prototyping and low-fidelity prototypes with user tests and questionnaires. The interviews indicated that the biggest concern for the employees was that interactive devices would be too time consuming to be used during daily Scrum meetings. Brainstorming and paper prototyping led to seven low-fidelity prototypes for Microsoft Surface, Microsoft Kinect and Windows Phone. These prototypes were tested during daily Scrum meetings and then followed by questionnaires. The questionnaires indicated that privacy was a big concern for the participants and the most popular prototype was developed for the Microsoft Surface that used tag as identification and only let the owner of the data display the information. Further the participants favored the prototypes where the number of steps required to share data was few and where participants could copy files between each other without having to disturb the one presenting. The research indicates that interactive devices could be used as an aid during daily Scrum meetings but more research needs to be done. The authors suggest that the prototypes should be tested at more companies during their daily Scrum meetings and also more different prototypes should be done to see if it can be improved even more.

Nyckelord: Human-computer interaction, interaction design, daily Scrum meetings, Microsoft Surface, Microsoft Kinect, Windows Phone.

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