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Investigating Model Transformation Technology for Architecture Description Languages

Nigsti Ayele
Göteborg : Chalmers tekniska högskola, 2011. 86 s.
[Examensarbete på avancerad nivå]

This thesis studies Model Transformation for Architecture Description Languages (ADLs) in the contexts of automotive electrical and electronics. Embedded Automotive SysTems ADL (EAST-ADL) is an architecture description language, which captures automotive electrical and electronic systems with sufficient detail to allow modeling for documentation, design, analysis and synthesis, which is currently, implemented using different tools such as SW (SystemWeaver), MetaEdit+, Enterprise Architect and Papyrus. EAST-ADL XML (EAXML) and SW XML (SWxml) are two different implementations of EAST-ADL. Investigating the possibility of using Model Driven Transformation to transform EAXML to SWxml and vice versa has been the main part of this study.

The investigation includes discovering the architectural and structural relationships between EAXML, which is an AUTOSAR based representation, and SWxml, which is SW based implementation. The architectural patterns of these two implementations are defined and are used to drive the transformation requirements. Hence, to investigate the architectural and structural relationships between SWxml and EAXML, we developed and validated meta-models of these two implementations. According to the architectural pattern, we derived transformation requirements and stated the mapping rules between EAXML and SW accordingly.

Based on the analysis made on EAST-ADL, EAXML and SW, a prototype has been developed to prove that model driven transformation is a possible way to realize model transformation. According to the mappings, we have conducted analysis on the meta-models to drive the rules. These rules are implemented using the Atlas transformation language (ATL). Because of the different levels of abstraction between EAXML and SW model, complementary and main transformations are implemented. In addition to ATL, eclipse based frameworks such as AtlanMod MegaModel Management (AM3), Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF), and Graphical Modeling Framework (GMF) are used to implement the model transformation.

A prototype of bidirectional transformation has been implemented as a proof-of-principle. We transformed the SW model to EAXML and then we transferred the EAXML back to SW and imported it to the SW platform. Since the acceptance tests made to perform bidirectional transformation using the prototype worked without problem, model driven transformation, specifically ATL, has indicated to be a promising solution for the bidirectional transformation between SW and EAXML.

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