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Superconformal theories in three dimensions

Xiaoyong Chu
Göteborg : Chalmers tekniska högskola, 2009. 63 s.
[Examensarbete pÄ avancerad nivÄ]

This thesis consists of six chapters, more than half of which are introductory texts. The main content of the master thesis project is presented in section 3.3, chapter 5 and chapter 6. The problem investiged in this thesis is related to three-dimensional superconformal gauge field theories. After introducing the superconformal Lie algebras, we turn to D=3 topological supergravity with Chern-Simons terms and then develop an extended pure supergravity which possesses many interesting properties. After that, three-dimensional superconformal theories of the kind originally suggested by J.Schwarz are discussed. The explicit expressions of BLG/ABJM actions are given, as well as the novel three-algebras. Finally, we couple đ’© = 6 topological supergravity to the ABJM matter action, follow- ing standard techniques. Even though we haven’t yet finished the verification of SUSY invariance, some arguments are given to explain why this action should be the complete Lagrangian. The thesis also contains some discussions on Chern-Simons terms and the U(1) gauge field.

Nyckelord: StrÀngteori, M-teori, konforma M2-bran

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